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for the Workplace

Hello, I'm Kay, a dedicated holistic wellness expert with nearly two decades of corporate experience. At 'Yoga by Kay,' we specialise in elevating well-being and productivity in London and online. Our tailored programs focus on workplace stress reduction, employee mindfulness training, and boosting team morale through yoga and fitness sessions. With a passion for transforming workspaces, we bring lasting benefits to your office. Let's connect and explore how we can create a healthier, happier work environment together.

Poor employee health  costs an average of 30 days per year

Employee health costs UK companies  £91 billion a year 

But what is the actual cost to your Employees?


Since covid, office health issues have come more to light, however, they have always been there. Your employees are your company, their health is the health of your company.


We are the experts in giving additional support.

Online or in-person wellness packages

YogabyKay's office Program is designed to get your employees back and feel their best!
With almost 2 decades of corporate experience & and a decade of teaching holistic, I made an adaptable Office Wellness Program to banish RSI and musculoskeletal disorders from the office and restore health. Time spent reversing the hours sat at desks and bright screens has shown to have lasting restorative benefits. Small changes can make a big impact.
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Our Services

Yoga & Meditation programs to suit your requirements:
  • In-house classes

    • Bespoke 60-45min class tailored to desired energy level, age & level

    • Hands on support

  • Desk Yoga

    • Unique 60-30min seated session for those lacking space or time

    • Delivered in-house or online

  • Online Yoga

    • Bespoke 60-45min class tailored to desired energy level

    • Access to online classes

All packages include:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises

  • Weekly student “top tips” email

  • Risk Assessment of Your Space

  • Assistance with equipment purchase, including discounts

  • 100 video classes available to access online to repeat anytime, anywhere – 3 different styles:

    • Hatha get the basic correct – beginner to all levels

    • Yin Yoga – slow meditative

    • Twisty Energetic Flow to, increase flexibility, and core strength whilst reducing toxins & and backache

Benefits of yoga in the office

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