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About Kay

At a time of darkness, I found light

Kay’s search for wellbeing started during her 20’s, desperately seeking an alternative method for dealing with the negativity and stress of modern life.

Kay was lost in our commercial culture bombarded with artificial versions of what reality is supposed to be, of what success and happiness means?

Yoga was the only substainable answer! Kay studied under the guidance of the top yoga teachers and spiritual leader from around the world to repair her body and mind. Whilst doing this it became natural for Kay to help others and over the past 5 years this is primary in her positive and passionate methods of teaching yoga.

Kay draws from her continued studies of happiness and wellbeing to offer her students a journey of self-actualization, self-reflection, and a practice of kindness and compassion though the art of yoga, as Kay’s teachers did for her.

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Kay's Interview with London Revealed
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Adam Levin
“Kay has been teaching me yoga
privately for more than two years now. Not only is she helping me with my shoulders and flexibility generally but she is an amazingly inspirational person. Her teaching style is one of  striving to be better always and that helps with life's ups and downs aside from the physical improvement that this brings
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